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French as a Second Language


French as a Second Language (FSL)

Integration into the Workforce

Designated Learning Institution: DLI # O19833653497

French LEVEL I: (100 Hours)

This introductory course is tailored for complete beginners. It starts with the basics of French grammar. Participants will learn essential skills such as self-introduction, greetings, simple directions, and basic question-and-answer techniques.


French LEVEL II: (100 Hours)

Building upon Level I, this course is suitable for those with foundational knowledge of French (familiarity with the alphabet, numbers, basic verb conjugations in the present tense, etc.). Completion of Level II enables students to converse about work, family, interests, weather, and engage in simple dialogues.


French LEVEL III: (100 Hours)

Level 3 adopts a communicative approach, enhancing learners’ French competencies in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The focus is on conversation, practical exercises, and role-playing, creating an engaging and effective learning environment.


French LEVEL IV: (100 Hours)

For students who can already communicate in French, this level deepens understanding of French grammar (present, past, and future tenses). By the end of this course, students will engage more comfortably in conversations and work on improving their writing skills.


French LEVEL V: (100 Hours)

This course equips students to confidently participate in discussions on general topics and to communicate effectively in writing.


French LEVEL VI: (100 Hours)

Aimed at students with a solid French foundation, this course offers extensive grammar review, language skill enhancement, and progression towards fluency. It includes speaking, reading, writing, and listening exercises, featuring works from francophone authors like Voltaire, Rousseau, Baudelaire, and using various audio-visual materials.


French LEVEL VII: (100 Hours)

Upon completing this level, students will efficiently partake in formal and informal conversations on practical, social, and professional topics. They will develop skills in information analysis, co-chairing meetings, and debating. The course covers advanced language tasks like opinion defense, hypothetical situation handling, and complex work-related discussions.


French LEVEL VIII: (100 Hours)

This course, intended for students who have completed French Advanced I or have a recommendation from the Department Head, focuses on refining conversational skills, reviewing essential grammar, exploring advanced grammar, and complex sentence structures. It highlights contemporary francophone culture, studying notable authors and filmmakers, and delving into sociopolitical aspects of French history and international relations.


French LEVEL IX: (100 Hours)

Continuing the exploration of French literature, this course includes a historical overview of French civilization, covering art, music, philosophy, and science. It examines French literature from the Middle Ages to the present, including medieval epics, Enlightenment philosophies, and the Nouveau Roman movement. The course comprises readings, lectures, discussions, student presentations, and written assignments, all in French.

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